Someone asked how I manage to have fun during this transition. This is a deeper question than at first thought. Fun. I have fun. Lots. Don’t I have fun?

So there are (or were) boxes in every room. Sooo, things are missing. Actually, even when I find an item and think, ‘oh I wondered where this was,’ I then lose said item. Do you roam the new place trying to locate that thing you just found yesterday? Or five minutes ago? That doesn’t sound like much fun. What else am I doing?

I’m drinking a lot of tea. Mixing two teabags together to create a new sensation. Interesting (debatable) but not tons of fun.

Designing the new pad is definitely a satisfying challenge. Still, not quite is it under the umbrella of fun. Fun. Should the word be exonerated during the move process? Or is that a huge and lame cheat? A cheat.

Fun. I enjoy traveling. Since our move to Deutschland, I’ve visited France a few times and Paris once. Definite fun. I visited an old German city founded in 16 BCE with the “Black Gate,” a mere Roman structure built in 2nd century CE. It’s all sandstone and iron. Massive. That was fun.

I walk around my little city every single day and look at the shops and visit the bakeries and doner kebob imbiss shops. Dee-licious. Ridiculously good, that’s fun. I laugh with m’spouse and FaceTime (Skype, too) my family and friends. That’s fun.

Maybe a bit more fun is needed in my messy moving box-filled life. Perhaps a shoko croissant is the fun thing today! I shall go take a walk.