Some things I thought I’d never do, and getting a 6′ tall metal shelf unit at the hardware store (in Germany no less) to place in a spare room as furniture is one of them. Also, it looks pretty fab.

Taxes. That’s the answer to why German homes haven’t closets. It’s too complicated to “get” from me, but basically, the number of rooms a home has factors into the complicated formulaic dues homeowners are charged for property taxes. Ergo, closets are counted as rooms. So they don’t exist. Ever hear of a shrunk? It’s a gargantuan closet – picture the size of a refrigerator – that houses your clothes. It’s jam packed. Shoe cabinets are sold separately. Shoot, if I knew how to add images to my posts, I’d show you one right the heck now. I’m getting the hang of this web design, though, so I’m not kicking myself in the pants for not knowing how to borrow (not steal) an image from the net and put it here. This could be tomorrow’s goal. But I digress.

If you own a lot of fashion, you’ll need more than one shrunk per bedroom. Did I mention this part? Furniture stores sell them knocked down. You’ll be putting it together by yourself, following the DIY pictures. A mere 3-day project, I’d say, if your serious. Because everyone needs a shrunk here, there is quite the variety. Most are either 18th century fancy or ultra modern sleek. Actually, there’s one more style: dump. Without checking this on wiki, I’m going all out to claim the shrunk was born in Deutschland. Probably wasn’t, but it lives here well.