Choose a character. It doesn’t have to be a favorite character, just memorable. Picture him or her. Get a good image. Now:

1. if you like arranging rooms, step into Character’s living room. Describe its size, color scheme, types of upholstered furniture (if there are cushiony places to sit-a-spell) and wall hangings.

2. if you are a foody, open Character’s refrigerator and pantry. What are on the shelves? How are items arranged?

3. if you are a voracious reader (duh), peruse Character’s library and office. What books and volumes appear on the shelves? Is there a particular genre at eye level? What does the desk face, window or wall? Describe the top of the desk.

4. if you like gardening, step into Character’s backyard or Florida room. What types of plants dominate? How large is the patio? What’s on it?