The novel I’ve written explores an unusual question about extramarital affairs. When are they helpful? I mean, as often as they occur, some are bound to do good. [Picture the doubtful look I once wore on my face, too.] 

Here’s why I wrote this story – the omission. In every novel I read that has an affair in it, one spouse is terribly cruel or abusive–usually male, dismissive, cold, uncaring, overbearing, shrewish, criminal, sleazy, or just plain wrong. But what if neither spouse is like that? Perfect storms can happen to good people, too.

So (elongate the o), I created a scenario in which the husband and wife have a history of being good together; they’re likable and even admirable in many ways. But there’s a component – a wrench if you will – thrown into their mix. Said wrench creates a conflict where one spouse is seriously thinking that getting naked with a charming stranger will be a step in the right direction.

Does she do it? You’ll have to read the book. I’ll let you know when it’s getting published! First, the *&!# query letter must be perfected. Let it be known, I don’t curse the QL, I curse my lack of swiftness in creating a good one. ‘Tis difficult for moi.

Oh, and because the subject matter isn’t comfortable, especially for those of us in good relationships, the story has a healthy sense of humor.