It’s the 70th¬†anniversary of the siege on¬†Bastogne! In and around¬†Bastogne, Belgium, one of the largest,¬†bloodiest World War II battles took place. You know it – The Battle of the Bulge. Seven decades later, the town of Bastogne still honors¬†the sacrifices of the soldiers who fought the¬†Nazis. I am absolutely honored and humbled to go on this¬†special tour, and with the Wounded Warrior Battalion!

So you know, this¬†is¬†where the 101st Airborne/502nd PIR and the 436th Field Artillery Battalion defended Bastogne. Patton was involved. And, it’s when¬†General¬†McAuliffe¬†gave his¬†famous reply to a written request from the Germans for his troops to surrender. His¬†one-word answer was,¬†“Nuts.”