Okay, here’s where I am in this process of creating a synopsis. I’ve been writing a summary for each chapter, so I can go back and parse it down. (That’s how I am distinguishing a synopsis from a summary at this point.) In my case, I didn’t create an outline prior to writing the story. That would have helped, but it’s not the way I can conjure a story. How about you? If you craft outlines, how are you able to do it? It’s fascinates me how someone can do that, so I gots ta know ’bout your talent! Seriously.

Anyhow, I’ve had to reread my novel, a chapter at a time, to summarize its parts. The good news is I like this book, and I am almost finished with the first draft of m’ chapter summaries. WhooHooooooo! Lots of happiness goes into making that statement.

A synopsis will soon follow.