The chaplain at my husband’s workplace¬†invited me to speak about the seder plate¬†at a Passover Seder /¬†Easter lunch for soldiers, staff, and family. She has¬†a brochure touting the dual lunch. I was strangly excited about this – strange because I’m not a proponent¬†of organized religions and excited to be center stage for even 5 minutes b/c of the former college teacher in me. “Yes,” that tiny lecturer¬†professed,¬†“let’s do dis!”

As it turned¬†out,¬†the tables were decorated with light¬†green plates, pastel eggs, chocolates and yellow ribbons. This is an army organization, so no complaints about yellow ribbons here. No images¬†of matzoh (unleavened bread), parsley (main herb), delicious charoset (an apple cinnamon staple that makes the palate happy). No pics of Moses. No staff. I’m¬†repeating this next thing because it’s worth mentioning again: no matzoh. What kind of lame-o Passover celebration was this? One with me as¬†the token – the CYA token – so a¬†religious event could be held with tolerance for all who work or use these offices. And I’m to be the tolerant one. Or a jackass.¬†

What do you think?¬†I think I have to bring this up to the chaplain. Meanwhile, y’all, have a

Happy Passover! &file0001854109725

Happy Easter!