Here are 3 seasoned tips from grammarly.com. Good tips. Ones I can hold in my tiny head.

  1. Write a bad story. So what? It’s a first draft. They’re piss-poor before your¬†multi revisions work the voodoo that you do so (gruelingly) well.
  2. Write the story even if¬†you’ve no idea (or a flimsy idea) of where it’s actually going. Lots of readers don’t know what their characters will do until they’re¬†doing it! Moreover, writers don’t have to know what sudden conflict will arise¬†until it’s being written.
  3. Give yourself a reasonable deadline. A deadline is your partner (in crime if you’re writing crime novels). The self-imposed reasonable¬†deadline¬†acts as a¬†wonderful burr beneath your saddle, for¬†you must complete that first draft or chapter revision or other-world cultural nuance or…all things written! You just must!