Greetings, I’m an aspiring author – wrote a novel, a nonfiction, and am working on a second novel. Simple as that… Well, not exactly simple.

THE PARIS TRIP follows three military spouses on a sudden trip to Paris. They all live in Germany, so Paris isn’t that far. But it’s far enough…


Location location location. After Ana finds a deluxe hotel room in Paris, her husband cancels on her, again. These days, he’s more married to his work than to her. But Ana doesn’t give up her optometry practice in the states just to sit around in Europe and do nothing. Nope. She calls everyone she knows with an invitation to come to Paris and stay at that fine hotel with her. Room’s all paid for. First person to say she’s coming gets the free room.

The last thing Zella wants is a break from her seventeen-year marriage. But husband Charlie just agreed to a year-long assignment—without consulting her and in a location spouses cannot go! He’s heading to South Korea without her. He says he loves Zella but needs time to himself and hopes she can be the patient, understanding person she’s always been.

When Zella receives a surprise invitation to Paris, she knows it means traveling when she’s angry and confused. She knows it means spending time with two women she can hardly call “friends.” But, it also means getting away from Charlie for a few days. She can focus on just how much her rock solid marriage has crumbled. She must decide if her marriage is worth saving.

Robyn is a rules-oriented woman who loves God and country and believes silliness begets happiness. For reasons that escape her, she hasn’t formed friendships in Germany, so she jumps at the chance to ride with Zella on a 3-day excursion to the Paris. When Robyn’s husband tells her to have fun but not to drink, she shrugs it off with a laugh. He doesn’t get to tell her what to do, not after last year.

Paris with its cafĂ© culture, bĂ©chamel sauces, and unlimited bottles of wine—mostly the wine—has these three travelers slipping up pretty fast. Especially with attentive French men! They’re everywhere. Now the women must develop close bonds of friendship, the kind that keeps secrets. What happens in Paris must stay in Paris, or all their marriages are at risk.