My site highlights 2 new books in the works, a fiction and  a non-fiction. They’re very different from one another–one’s about how infidelity becomes  a consideration and one’s about healing headaches naturally, but each in its own way makes all your dreams come true. Whaat?

Me: Iā€™m an aspiring author. And I blog. But first,                             322530_2597046695030_1951071177_o
THE PARIS TRIP, my first novel, is complete. I’m working on sending out the query letter to agents while building an author’s platform. ‘Tis a fierce learning curve, that. What gets me through is knowing a gazillion others have done it, and not everyone on the internet is smarter than me. 

My novel explores an unusual question about extramarital affairsAre they ever helpful? I mean, as often as they occur, some are bound to do good for the cheaters. Right? 

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Why I chose the subject of cheating
First, it was girlfriend talk. I don’t know how, maybe I just happen to be in the room as it were when wonderful women talk-story. It almost always starts out with how surprised they were that they actually did it, juxtaposed with laughter, juxtaposed with shame. Lots of juxtapositions.

Second, I’m sick of the stereotypical 
cheater personalityIn most novels, one spouse has to be awful at being a respectable spouse in order for the reader to accept the act of cheating. That is, the bad spouse has to be bad: cruel and hurtful, abusive, dismissive, frigid, or criminal. You get the picture. But why they gotta be so bad?

What if 
neither spouse is an a-hole jerk?

The plot in THE PARIS TRIP sets a scenario in which husband and wife are likable people, but a wrench is thrown into the mix (not a wench) to create the perfect condition where one spouse seriously thinks getting naked with a stranger might be a step in the right direction.
I’ll let you know when it’s nearer to getting published. I know the subject matter isn’t exactly comforting, so I made this a light read, funny. The main characters, three women, are definitely amusing. 

Plus, they vacay in Paris. Heeey now! You can pseudo travel with them. And if you’re planning a trip to the city of lights, take a few days to follow their tour plan. It’s a great way to experience Paris. You don’t have to do anything untoward.

I’m also writing a nonfiction, a collaboration with a brilliant naturopath doctor, Dr. Carla Hutt, from Connecticut.

If you ever get headaches or know someone who does, this book is the answer! 


100 WAYS TO CURE A HEADACHE, NATURALLY is an amazing guidebook linking 16 types of headaches with their corresponding cures–all natural healing. This book is unique because the cures are  specific to each headache type, not written in a one-size-fits-all format. For example, the cures for “environmental” headaches don’t work so well if you have a “chronic” headache. And when you’re in pain, you want the thing that works. 

These are all-natural cures, and you don’t have to leave the house or purchase extra products to find relief! You can feel well, quickly.

Our headache-fixing guidebook is easy to use: identify the type of headache pain you’ve got (no worries–the doc’s descriptions help you determine which headache you have) and then look up its cure. Oh yes, and then, pick a cure from that headache’s special list.
Easy peasy.
And these cures work. That’s the bottom line.

Pain. Gone.   magic-40641_640


The book is only almost finished and not yet available. We still need an illustrator who can merge simplicity and allure. We’ll find him or her. Watch your back. Kidding.

This site also has travel info in it–if you’re in a pinch and need a bit o’ guidance: I moved to Germany last year after spending 3 years in glorious DC. While I love DC’s cozy Capitol Hill neighborhood and the city’s free museums ā€“ in your face everywhere else ā€“ I’m married to a military/government service man, so we move a lot.

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This is our 3rd time living overseas. But soon, we’ll be leaving Europe for sunnier pastures, hello hotel California! So this website is a companion piece for anyone adjusting to traveling about, living in, or visiting, a foreign country. I’m an expert. So is practically every other military spouse.

I’ll give you highlights of the places I visit, so you can see if you want to put that destination on the list or scratch it the f*ck off.

Finally, jeez I thought we’d never get here, I have an Essay Writing webpage that’s a great resource for teachers, students, or coworkers to understand clearly how to write a bang-up Essay, Article and Report. It’s called EssayJank and is designed for anyone cultivating an essay an any level. 

Three essays are sampled: a simple narrative, a short research paper, and an article. The latter two are complete with APA references, not too shabby, eh? Each one takes you through the process of building a thesis, developing supporting paragraphs, and ending up with a fully fleshed out, complete paper. Click on the link, and get started on how to write that paper now!

Thanks for listening. If you’ve gotten this far, I think I love you.