paris-1026345_640Just returned from the city of lights after spending most of my time at the Louvre. Ahhh. Anyway, back to what everyoneĀ (loosely using the word) Parisian was wearing: tall ankle boots. Not just ankle boots and not boots that reach up to your knees but somewhere between ankle and mid-shin in height. Ā So, take your existing ankle boots and add a couple of inches to their height. Now you’re rockin’ it.

Hiboot-947896_640gh heels, fancy pointy-toes, flats, spiked heels (not seen as much), 2″ heels, whatever sized heels, they were all justĀ above theĀ ankle as seen inĀ this casual boot.

What kind of pantaloons were worn with these boots? Skinny legged pants or jeans. You can be thin, zoftig, or overweight but you ought to be wearing pants that hug your shins, or wear leggings. Tights worked, too.

converse-309846_640High-top keds or tennis shoes–AKA sneakers, tennypumps, running shoes–are back in style, too!

I suppose the message is whatever you’re wearing, be it fancy high heeled boots to work in or hiking boots to, file0001655711387well, hike in, the ankle and just above it are covered.

Wear that fashion!