Cathy B. Douglas – fun facts & nonsense


About this site

While writing fiction, I take lots of breaks.

Some are writing-productive in that I read a book or listen to podcasts that egg me on. I may hear something described in a way that could improve my own story line. It could be how an author describes a smile or a stabbing. The point is, while enjoying works that are not my own, I can actively pay attention to the writing craft.

Most breaks are not writing-productive. Some days the coat rack gets reorganized. Other days, the refrigerator shelf gets shiny clean.

I also break for notable facts. Do I need to memorize what DNA stands for? No I do not. But it is deoxyribonucleic acid. Did you know the backward bend of a flamingo’s leg is not its knee? It’s the ankle. If you’re someone who just likes knowing ultra cool stuff, then this is a site to visit when you’re taking breaks from whatever.

About fiction I’ve written or am writing, here is the following:
THE PARIS TRIP. It’s about 4 military spouses stationed overseas who go to Paris and misbehave. It needs character work to have the reader care more about the main character. I need to edit for that.
BACKYARD GIRLS. I’ve just finished the outline. ‘Twas my first time outlining, woohoo! That’s true progress. What it’s about shall be explained another time when there’s more flesh to it.

Thanks for listening & reading. ♥